Miles 4 Myanmar

Charity run/walk/jog - October 16, 2021

Lace up & make a difference.

Since we began helping our friends in Myanmar, we have found many ways we can make a difference. Chief among them: Meals, Medicine, Mercy, and Music.

This inspired the name of The M4, or “Miles 4 Myanmar”, a one-day event with 4K run/walks around the world to raise money for the mission. Join us to make a difference in the lives of these wonderful people!

We call it “The M4”.

There are 4 types of needs we have the opportunity to meet in Myanmar:

Meals 4 Myanmar

In Myanmar, some are so poor they go hungry and may even starve to death. We provide food resources for the children and workers of two orphanages, a school, and many more people.

Medicine 4 Myanmar

Parasites can make life miserable among impoverished peoples, wreaking havoc on their skin and digestive systems and spreading horrific diseases. We’ve brought doctors and medicine to Myanmar for 5 years.

Mercy 4 Myanmar

Natural disasters, like typhoons, floods, and mini-plagues, often hit Myanmar. We’ve supplied emergency food, medicine, physicians, transportation, and rebuilding materials after disasters. Locals have said our help has saved lives.

Music 4 Myanmar

We’ve been able to provide guitars, violins, penny whistles, sound equipment, a teacher, and more. They work hard to learn their instruments and enjoy writing and singing songs of their own.

It’s happening around the world.

Let’s run together to support the cause!

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See you on the track!

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Watch the video below to learn more about the M4:

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