Since we began bringing help to our friends in Myanmar in 2008 we have found many ways to we can make a difference: Meals, Medicine, Mercy and Music. When telling others about it, we started calling it M4.


Meals are essential in a place where there are people so poor they go hungry and in some cases starve to death. We provide resources for food for the children and workers of two orphanages, a school, and a network of a few thousand people nationwide we’ve come to know over the years.


Once we were sure they were all getting enough food consistently, we branched out to Medicine. Internal and external parasites can make life miserable among impoverished peoples. Wreaking havoc on their skin and digestive systems and ultimately spreading horrific diseases like yellow fever and malaria. We were surprised how little money it takes to bring about a great deal of change in their quality of life. We have brought doctors to Myanmar for three years and even expanded our work to veterinarian medicine in 2016 to help them with their livestock.


Natural disasters, like typhoons, floods, earthquakes and mini-plagues often hit Myanmar. When people are extremely poor and living close to the edge of survival, these events are much more difficult to manage and recover from. We have been able to provide emergency help, food, medicine, physicians, transportation and rebuilding materials after multiple disasters. One village we helped in the summer of 2015 said they had resigned themselves to starvation after severe flooding and landslides destroyed their crops and food stores and cut them off from the rest of Myanmar. When rice, cooking oil, water and other supplies reached them in a 4×4 truck we purchased arrived, it was an unexpected hand of help that saved lives.


Getting to know these beautiful people while helping them has given us a deep love for them. We wanted to give them more than just the means to survive, we wanted them to thrive and experience some of the joys of living they would never be able to without our help. With the help of generous donors, we have been able to provide them guitars, violins, penny whistles, music, sound equipment, a teacher and other things. They work hard to learn to play and enjoy writing and singing songs. Soon there may have their own orchestra.